Our Goals

  • To provide Colostomy, Ileostomy and Urostomy education and mutual aid for ostomates, their families and members of the health care profession.

  • To provide ostomy support information for the public.

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  • We are.... a 501(c) non-profit, self-governing organization of volunteers committed to improving the quality of life of people who have, or will have, an intestinal or urinary diversion. 

  • We offer... aid to patients and their families in the practical and emotional adjustments to an ostomy, sharing experiences and practical advice.  We do not provide medical advice and nothing in this site should be interpreted as medical advice.

  • Members include... ostomates, their families, ostomy (WOCN) nurses, surgical suppliers, physician advisors and other interested persons.  Membership is open to anyone interested in the goals of the association.

Activities and membership benefits include... visiting new ostomates, educational meetings, teaching through literature, speakers and discussions with health care personnel. Our newsletter, The SEMI COLON provides updates on local, regional and national meetings, youth rallies and the latest information on ostomy management.  Membership dues are $20.00 annually.